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Protect Your Athletes.

The Sports Laundry Systems is a tried and true way of keeping your athletes healthy by the proper cleaning and disinfecting of their athletic laundry. Combining the power of the washer-extractor, ozone disinfection system, and drying tumblers prevents the spread of viruses, superbugs, and bacteria. These superbug and viruses include MRSA, HIV, and hepatitis which can be found in apparel and protective equipment. You invest in your team – help keep them healthy by investing in a Sports Laundry System by Continental Girbau.


Meet The Laundry System That Protects Your Team.

Leading the charge includes an incredibly efficient and productive washer-extractor. The Sports Laundry System washers include both free standing (soft-mount) and hard-mount models which are engineered to properly clean a variety of items quickly, efficiently, and consistently every single cycle.  With a quick and easy installation followed by training from a representative, you will begin noticing how simple it is to safely wash towels, jerseys, pads, and more! Regardless of who washes and drys the equipment, you can be rest assured that your gear is perfectly cleaned for every occasion.

High-Speed Washer-Extractors.

The E-, REM-, & RMG- Series washer-extractors provide a high level of programmability which enables athletic programs to tailor their gear cleaning specifications down to the temperature degree and length of wash cycle. Programs for towels, jerseys, socks, etc. may be created and selected by only pressing a button. These cycles incorporate variable water temperatures, proper combination of cleaning chemicals, wash rotation actions, and programmable extract speeds. The chemical injection system enables a reduction in human error and sports material replacement through a calculated and specific dosing schedule created by an industry expert.

The Washers-Extractors are programmable to do ¼ and ½ turn rotations to clean helmets and pads.

In addition to the high level of programmability, the Sports Laundry System washer-extractors also carry the ability to produce extract speeds up to 400G, depending on the model. The high extraction speed results in more water removed from the load. In turn, warm-ups, uniforms, and towels dry more quickly. Not only do dryers run less often and fabrics encounter less mechanical wear and heat (ultimately prolonging their life), but your facility will also see reduced utility consumption. These high performance washer-extractors can reduce dry time by up to 50%, thereby preventing dryer bottlenecks and maximizing overall laundry operation.

Product Brochure for E-Series | Product Brochure for REM-/RMG- Series

Ozone system used to sanitize sports gear.
E-Series Sports Laundry System washer sanitizes football helmets

Ozone Disinfecting Unit.

As the old saying goes, “defense wins championships” could not be more true of the Sports Laundry System. Championing the defense is the Ozone Disinfection Tower and Lite Unit that helps prevent infection amongst athletes and staff. It accomplishes this by the disinfecting of contaminated and soiled pads, helmets, and laundry items – ultimately helping prevent the spread of MRSA, viruses, and bacteria.

How it works
The ozone is injected with the wash cycle exactly when it is needed in the cycle. Ozone is an incredibly powerful and safe element that disinfects using cold water. The Ozone Disinfection Tower has been clinically proven to kill 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, and superbugs, including MRSA. These viruses and bacteria are mostly found in soiled athletic laundry.


Pro-Series Drying Tumblers.

The Pro-Series Drying Tumblers completes the overall disinfecting process by completely drying the articles previously sanitized in the washer-extractors. Therefore depending on your laundry’s needs, the Pro-Series Single Pocket Drying Tumblers come in a variety of sizes including 30, 40, 60, 65, 85, 125, and 175-pound capacities, while the Dual Pocket options come in 60- and 90-capacities. The features that accompany the Pro-Series Dryers include: time-dry, programmable cycles, auto-dry, optional moisture sensing, automatic lint screen reminder, anti-wrinkle and extended tumble feature, and end-of-cycle signal.

Moisture Sensing System.

In order to add a level of programmability, the Pro-Series Drying Tumblers come with an option to program 12 different dryness levels with heat time. While this addition is optional for the 20- to 85- pound capacity dryers, it comes standard on the stacked models from 115- to 175-pound. The reason for the moisture sensing system is to automatically detect when the load reaches a certain level of dryness thereby making sure articles are not over dried. Because of this, towels, uniforms, and more see 31% less fiber loss.

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