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Boost Productivity & Reduce Linen Replacement Costs

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Boost Productivity & Reduce Linen Replacement Costs.

Party Rental operations require laundry processes that deliver superior results and a quick turn–around. By selecting the right laundry equipment — washer–extractors, industrial ironers and drying tumblers — they can dramatically boost laundry productivity, while using less labor, water, natural gas and electricity.

By replacing top–load and hard–mount washers with soft–mount washers, which produce higher extract, businesses can complete more laundry in significantly less time. Because Continental E–Series Washers deliver extract speeds up to 354 G–force, they remove considerably more water from every load. Linens can be fed directly from the washer into the ironer! This eliminates time consuming and costly dryer conditioning!

Boost Productivity.

It’s essential to clean more laundry in less time, using less energy and water. That’s why Advantage Equipment offers the Continental E–Series Washer–Extractor. E–Series Washers reach extracts speeds of up to 387 G–force — much higher than other front–load washers on the market. They remove more water from every load, and in doing so, cut resulting dry time by up to 50 percent. In turn, industrial laundries get more done in less time!

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Advantage Equipment’s washer–extractors are highly programmable by item type. This allows party rental providers to perfectly clean aisle runners, napkins, chair covers, table runners, tablecloths, and more. Items are properly washed using the right mix of chemicals, water temperature and levels, rotation action and G–force extract. Users simply enter a program number, load the washer and press start.

Five–Star Finish & Dryer Moisture Sensing.

Pair the E–Series Washer with a Continental Ironer for a crisp five–star finish. Linens are fed straight from the high–speed washers directly to Continental flatwork ironers without dryer conditioning. Easy to use, Continental ironers process a variety of items, including tablecloths, napkins, sheets and duvets. Add a feeder or folder and see productivity catapult!

Anytime linens and towels last longer, inventory costs are reduced. That’s why many Continental dryers feature Linen Life Extension (LLE) moisture sensing system. The dryers use a sensor inside the load to monitor dryness levels. Once the programmed level of dryness is reached, LLE shuts the dryer off. Dry goods experience less wear and up to 31 percent less fiber loss because loads aren’t over–dried. Adding peace of mind, many Continental dryers also feature a fire extinguishing system.

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