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What is an ozone laundry system for laundries?

Ozone (O3) is created from a high electrical voltage or UV light being passed through oxygen (O2) molecules. The third oxygen atom in ozone is what produces the powerful cleaning agent. During the wash cycle, the third oxygen atom attaches to & breaks down organic materials like bacteria, molds, greases & soils.

Aquawing Ozone Laundry System is the only system in the world to validate how much ozone is in the wash wheel during a cycle to ensure the garments are sanitized & disinfected.

Ozone works best in cold water, and it can drastically reduce the need for hot water. This sharply lowers your gas, oil, and electric consumption on water heaters. 

Ozone Laundry Systems can be used in laundromat settings, hospitality, hospitals, nursing care, or other commercial laundry applications.

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Watch a quick video about what ozone is here.

Disinfect & kill superbugs like MRSA, C. diff, and more.

The Aquawing Disinfection Ozone Laundry System is the only system in North America that is clinically validated to disinfect and kill super bugs. These super bugs include; MRSA (staph), C. diff, aspergillus niger, as well as HIV & Hepatitis. Not all ozone laundry systems will disinfect your laundry. With super bugs such as MRSA (staph) and C. diff, it’s important to make the right decision with the ozone laundry system you choose. That choice is the Aquawing Disinfection Ozone Laundry System.

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Ozone laundry systems reduce hot water usage – up to 85% or more.

Believe it or not, ozone works best in cold water. For most facilities, this is where the largest return-on-investment comes from. Aquawing Disinfection Ozone Laundry Systems has seen hot water reductions as high as 85%, which equates to thousands of savings on the utility side. Hot water cannot be fully eliminated, however, because 100 – 110 degree Fahrenheit water is required to aid bleach in the whitening process.

A properly designed laundry room utilizing an ozone laundry system will outperform a traditional laundry in both high laundry quality and lower operational costs.

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Reduce Linen Replacement Costs.

By utilizing an Aquawing ozone laundry system, facilities are able to reduce wash and dry times. As wash and dry times are shortened, garments receive less wear and tear. This causes them to stay softer, whiter, and brighter while leaving them with a natural, fresh scent. Linen life can even be extended up to 20% more by utilizing a validated ozone disinfecting system.

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Industries that use ozone laundry systems.

  • Hospitality (Hotels & Motels)
  • Healthcare Facilities (Assisted Living, Nursing Home, Senior Care, Hospitals)
  • Correctional Facilities & Jails
  • Veterinary Practices and Animal Hospitals
  • Laundromats
  • Athletic Facilities (Professional, Collegiate, & High School)
  • Health Clubs, Gyms, & Spas

Read more about the utility savings with a validated ozone laundry system here.

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