Even though the end of the year is fast approaching, Continental Girbau hasn’t slowed down. Known for their innovative laundry solutions, Continental Girbau has been developing the next spotlight in your vended or on-premise laundry. This past week, they opened up ordering for a new 80 pound washer; the EH080 Soft Mount with ProfitPlus.


EH080 – 80 Pound Capacity Vended Washer-Extractor

Making its formal debut at Clean 2017, the EH080 is ready to be the all-star of your laundromat. Engineered with your vended laundry in mind, the EH080 is a high-performance washer-extractor that reduces utility costs and increases turns per day. Due to the suspension system and compact design, this washer-extractor can be installed quickly with zero impact installation, and can be up and operational same-day! With extract speeds reaching up to 400 G-force, customers are able to wash-dry-fold in your laundromat in less than an hour resulting in higher customer turnover.


Incorporating the EH080 is just one more way you can make your vended laundry more profitable.


Overall Standout Product Features:

  • Soft-mount design with Multi-Directional Springs (MDS) system to absorb some 95% of vibrations.
  • Extract speeds reaching 400 G-force resulting in the following:
    • Less moisture remaining in the load leading to shorter dry times
    • Dryers run fewer hours per day resulting in lower utility consumption
    • Improves overall customer turnover
    • Customers are able to wash-dry-fold in less than an hour
  • Backed by 10/4/3-year limited ContinentalCare warranty
  • ProfitPlus Controls – includes three primary cycle options with the added options of Superwash, Extra Wash, Extra Rinse and/or Extra Spin
  • Full programmability over G-Force, multi-level vend pricing (based on time of day, day of week, or wash program selected), payment-system integration, and remote programming
  • Full control over natural gas, electricity, and water usage
  • Lubricated bearings for a lifetime with easy access to all components for regular maintenance.

Learn more about the EH080 by downloading the product sheet here – EH080 Vended Washer Extractor PDF

This washer-extractor is also available for Commercial On-Premise Laundry! Read more about it here at Continental Girbau’s Press Release.

If you are interested in learning more about the EH080 and how it can be used to increase your vended laundry profitability, please reach out to Eric Vlahos at 330-475-8220 ext. 103, or email him at eric@advantageequipment.net!