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Multifamily Laundry Made Easy with Advantage Equipment.
Increasing Profitability & Creating Happy Tenants

Whether you’re in the process of improving your current multifamily laundry facility or investing in a new one, Advantage Equipment provides tailored solutions for any building owner. Partnering Continental’s cutting edge front load & top load commercial washers and dryers with a card system can reduce your overall laundry expenses. Not only that, but your tenants will love doing laundry! 

Rental Equipment.

Advantage Equipment will put together a comprehensive package of washers, dryers, and a payment system for you for a fixed, monthly fee per machine. You collect the revenue generated!

  • High-efficiency washers and dryers backed by regionally recognized service team
  • Choice of card or coin-operated system
  • Fixed monthly cost per machine
  • Timely service for maintenance required by machines
  • You collect all of the money from the machines

Route or Revenue Sharing.

We will put the equipment into place at no upfront cost, and split the revenue with you. Included in this option:

  • High-efficiency LG or Econ-O-Wash washers and dryers
  • Fast & timely service on machines to decrease overall downtime to a minimum
  • Collections are made electronically through card system to ensure accuracy
  • Revenue is paid to the owner on time; guaranteed
  • We collect the money from the machines so that you don’t have to!

Customized Package.

We work with you to find the best package for your needs. If the other two packages do not work well for you, let us know! We would love to help make your laundry more profitable.

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Advantage Equipment sells, leases, services, and rents commercial grade laundry equipment to apartment & multi family facilities. In addition to coin, we also offer card systems suitable for multifamily laundry facilties. Take the first step to making your laundry more profitable by contacting us today!

Unmatched Parts & Service Department.

When washers and dryers are broken, your resident’s experience suffers and overall profitability falls. That’s why Advantage Equipment strives to service broken machines within 24-hours of the initial call. If a call is placed before 8:30am, it is likely to see same day service!

Commercial Grade Washers

Econ-O-Wash Top Load Washer.

  • User-friendly controls with three temperature options – cold, warm, and hot
  • Multiple Cycle Types: normal, permanent press, delicate, or one of three unique energy-saving cycles
  • Consumes 27.3 gallons of water per cycle compared to 40 gallons in a conventional home toploader
  • Longest agitator in the industry guaranteeing super wash results – four vane polypropylene with 210 degree agitator stroke

LG Commercial Washers For Multifamily Facilities.

  • Five programmable wash options
  • High efficiency – 11.2 gallons of water per load
  • 413 G-Force extract speed leaving less water in clothes and reducing time needed to do laundry
  • 22.5 pounds of capacity
  • Available as a stack unit with a dryer on top



Commercial Grade Dryers

Econ-O-Dry Single Load and Stackable Double Load Dryer.

  • Available in Gas or Electric models
  • United Laboratories (UL) listed – designed to last for years maintenance free
  • Oversized door opening for easy unloading
  • Designed for minimal maintenance and simplified serviceability
  • Easy to use controls

LG Commercial Dryers for Multifamily Facilities – Single Unit.

  • Four Fabric Options – High, Medium, Low, and No Heat
  • Reversible door easily changeable to swing left or right
  • 22.5 pounds of capacity
  • Gas or Electric Options Available
  • Units able to be stacked – washer & dryer combination or two dryers



Payment Systems

Laundroworks – Card Operated Laundry Solutions.

  • Simple, easy to use interface for tenants and owners
  • Features contactless card readers – simply place your card on the tray, and the machines starts!
  • Customers can add value onto their cards through the Value Add Center (comes in cashless, cash-only, cash and card ready, or a combination with an option of a touchscreen)
  • Customizable Contactless Cards
  • LaundroPortal – web based management system where machines can be programmed, monitored, and value can be added to tenants cards immediately.


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