Industrial Flatwork & Compact Ironers

Manually fed, partially automated, and fully automated.
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Continental Girbau Industrial Ironers.

High Quality Flatwork and Compact Ironers.

Express Heated Roll Ironers and Compact+ 5-in-One ironers provide small to large laundries with high quality finishes that leave their customers impressed. By partnering chrome plated drums, various drum lengths and diameters, multi-lane functions, and automation, your commercial laundry operation will see lower utility and labor expenses.

Continental Express Heated Roll Ironers eliminate the need to pre-condition your items through the dryers. Simply take your items from the washer to the press, feed them, and the ironer will do the heavy lifting saving your team valuable time, utilities, and extend linen life.

    Continental Girbau Flatwork & Compact Ironers

    Continental Girbau Express Flatwork Ironers

    Express Heated-Roll Ironers (Chrome Plated)

    Ideal for hotels, nursing homes, commercial laundries.

    The Express Heated-Roll Ironers are perfectly engineered by years of trouble-free use. These ironers are available in multiple finishing widths, and 13-or 20-inch diameter rolls. Express Heated-Roll Ironers feature no-wax finishing for significantly simple ongoing maintenance. The Express ironers are mirror polished and chrome plated so that laundries do not need to do any wax maintenance – which extends the life of the linen, machine feed ribbons, and pressure bands.

    View Sizes: X13061, X13084, X20075, X20100, X20125

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    Continental Girbau Compact 5-In-One Ironing Systems

    Compact 5-in-One Ironing System

    Perfect for medium-and high-volume laundries.

    Engineered with efficiency in mind, the Compact 5-in-One Ironing System quickly feeds, irons, folds, stacks, and accumulates at speeds up to 50-feet-per-minute! Configurable in one, two, or four working lanes, the Compact 5-in-One is able to do sheets, table linens, and small items with enhanced flexibility.

    View Sizes: CG24130, CG32130

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