Continental Girbau Commercial Washers

Commercial Washers for Vended, On-Premise, & Industrial Laundry.
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Continental Girbau Commercial Washers.

Coin (Vended), On-Premise, & Industrials.

Leading the charge for all commercial laundry operations are the washers. For any type of operation, whether it is a laundromat or on-premise laundry (OPL) setting, efficient commercial washers can help dictate and guide business success. They do this by minimizing overall operating expenses, while maximizing throughput and production.

Continental Girbau (Continental) commercial washers, dryers, feeders, and ironers all work to maximize your overall business throughput. With the largest breadth of laundry products and systems in the industry, Continental & Girbau are constantly innovating to keep you as an industry leader in your business category.  

Continental commercial washers range in types and load sizing; 400G Force Soft-Mount (E-Series), 200G Force Hard-Mount (G-Flex Series), 125G Force Hard-Mount (REM-Series), and Commercial Top Load units (Econ-O-Wash Series).


    Continental Girbau Washer: Coin Operated, On-Premise & Industrial Laundry

    Continental Girbau E-Series 60 Pound Fire Gear Washer

    E-Series: 400G Force Softmount Commercial Washers

    Laundromat (Coin & Card Operated)

    The ExpressWash Commercial Washers deliver unmatched energy efficiency to return money to your bottom line. These free-standing machines reach extract speeds up to 405G-Force, which removes more water from each load and reduces throughput time and gas consumption by up to 65%!

    Machines ranges from 20lbs. – 130lbs.

    Read the brochure here (20lbs. to 130lbs.)

    OPL & Industrial (20lbs. - 80lbs.)

    The E-Series washers by Continental Girbau are designed to drive down water, electrical, & gas costs all while improving productivity. As an industry leader in soft-mount commercial washers, the E-Series is a perfect match for those looking to maximize their laundry operation.

    Machines range from 20lbs. – 255lbs.

    Read The Brochure Here (20lbs. – 80lbs.)

    OPL & Industrial (90lbs. - 255lbs.)

    The E-Series High-Performance washers lead the charge for soft-mount commercial washers from the 20- to 255-lb. range. The E-Series washers can reach extract speeds up to 405G-Force, which is about 280G-Force more than most hard-mount machines.

    These machines are ideal for the following applications; theme parks, hotels, nursing homes, hospitals, commercial laundry operations, and much more.

    Machines range from 20-lbs. to 255-lbs.

    Read the brochure here (90lbs. to 255lbs.).

    Continental Girbau Commercial Washer RMG070

    G-Flex: 200G Force Hardmount Commercial Washers

    Laundromat (Coin & Card Operated)

    The G-Flex Washer is Continental‘s most advanced hard-mount washer. The G-Flex machines extract up to 200G-Force, offering highly programmable ProfitPlus controls, and energy efficient operation.

    G-Flex Brochure Here (33lb. – 70lb.)

    OPL & Industrial (33lbs. - 70lbs.)

    G-Flex, by Continental Girbau, touts a 200G-Force extract, all while offering top-level programming capabilities. This highly-efficient hard-mount washers fits in less space than most competitors, giving your team more flexibility and mobility.

    Read the brochure here (33lb. – 70lb.)


    Continental Girbau Commercial Washer REM025

    REM: 108G Force Hardmount Commercial Washers

    Laundromat (Coin & Card Operated)

    The Continental REM-Series washer delivers high-performance in a small-load capacity for vended laundries. With extract speeds up to 108 G-Force, this washer removes more water per load than most similarly sized hard-mount washers.

    Read The Brochure Here (25lb.)


    OPL & Industrial (25lbs.)

    The hard mount REM-Series boasts a 108 G-Force extract in a 25lb. capacity. This machine is perfect for small commercial applications and a complimentary piece for larger operations.

    Read the brochure here (25lb.)

    Continental Girbau E-Series 60 Pound Fire Gear Washer

    LG Platinum Commercial Washer

    Laundromat (Coin & Card Operated)

    The LG Commercial Washer incorporate a large 22.5 pound  capacity in a small footprint. Capable of reaching speeds over 400G-Force, LG Commercial Washers are perfect for laundromats, apartments buildings, and condominium associations. Replacing your top-load commercial washers with an LG Commercial can lower your utilities by up to 50%.

    Machines ranges from 22.5lbs. – 35lbs.

    Read the brochure here (20lbs. to 35lbs.)

    OPL & Industrial (22.5lbs. - 35lbs.)

    The LG Platinum Commercial Washer is ideal for light duty applications where a commercial washer is still needed. These applications are veterinary clinics, animal hospitals, spas, salons, fire departments, cleaning companies, barbers, and many more.

    Machines range from 22.5lbs. to 35lbs.

    Read The Brochure Here (22.5lbs. – 35lbs.)

    Continental Girbau Econowash

    Econ-O-Wash: Top Load Commercial Washers

    Laundromat (Coin & Card Operated)

    The Econ-O-Wash topload commercial washers is a perfect fit for many vended laundry applications.

    Read the brochure here

    OPL & Industrial

    Uniquely positioned as a commercial top-load washer, the Econ-O-Wash machine provides durability in a compact footprint. Proudly utilizing less water than standard top-load washers, this unit is perfect for veterinary clinics, fire departments, and more.

    Read the brochure here

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