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Top Rated Commercial Dryers for Vended, On-Premise, & Industrial Laundry.
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Continental Girbau Commercial Dryers.

Coin (Vended), On-Premise, & Industrials.

Finishing the laundry processing strong is the Continental Girbau commercial dryers. Ranging from 30 pounds to 200 pounds, there is surely a machine perfect for your laundry operation. 

Continental Girbau (Continental) commercial dryers work to maximize your overall laundry throughput with reversing dryer cylinders, radial & axial dryer flow, and optional linen life extension(LLE). Experts in commercial, industrial, and vended settings, Continental is constantly innovating to keep you as an industry leader in your business category.  

Continental commercial dryers range in types and load sizing; ExpressDry+ Stacks & Single Pockets (Vended: 30lb. – 75lb.), ProDry2+ Stacks & Single Pockets (OPL: 30lbs – 205+lbs.), & CG Series – Radial & Axial Dryers (OPL: 85-95lbs.).


    Continental Girbau Dryers: Coin Operated, On-Premise & Industrial Laundry

    Continental Girbau KTT30 Stack Commercial Dryer

    Vended ExpressDry+ Commercial Dryers

    Vended (Coin & Card Operated)

    The ExpressDry+ vended dryers deliver unmatched energy efficiency to return money to your bottom line. These dryers come in single-pocket and stack variations and offer reversing cylinders to boost productivity and throughput. These dryers can be either white front or stainless steel front.

    Machines ranges from 30lbs. – 75lbs.

    Read the brochure here.

    Continental Girbau Commercial Dryer

    OPL ProDry2+ Commercial Dryers

    On-Premise Laundry (OPL)

    The ProDry2+ dryer is Continental‘s most advanced commercial dryer. The ProDry2+ boasts reversing cylinders, radial / axial airflow, linen life extension (LLE), and optional fire extinguishing capabilites to eliminate dryer fires. ProDry2+ can be either single pocket up to 205lbs. or stack up to 90lbs.

    ProDry2+ Brochure Here

    Continental Girbau Commerical Dryer CG8595S

    OPL CG Series Commercial Dryers

    On-Premise Laundry (OPL)

    The Continental Girbau CG-8595S dryer delivers high-performance in a compressed footprint. The CG-8595S is able to process more laundry than the 115lb. ProDry2+, and is a perfect fit for hotels, gyms, water parks, nursing homes, and much more.

    The CG8595S uses both radial and axial airflow and a reversing cylinder to dry loads much quicker than the ProDry2+. 

    Find the brochure here

    Compare ProDry2+ to CG-Series Here


    Continental Girbau Econowash

    Econ-O-Dry: Light Commercial Dryers

    Vended (Coin & Card Operated)

    The Econ-O-Dry light commercial dryer is a perfect fit for many vended laundry applications. 

    OPL & Industrial

    The Econ-O-Dry commercial dryer is perfect for light duty applications such as fire departments, veterinary clinics, and apartment buildings.

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