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Coin & Card-Operated Laundry Developers.

Going through the process of building and cultivating a card or coin operated laundromat can be an intimidating process. Whether you’re looking to build a brand new laundromat or retool an existing operation, the seasoned team at Advantage Equipment is here for you every step of the way.

How We Help You: We’ll help guide you in the following areas – coin & card laundry consulting, demographic analysis, designs & layouts, lease negotiations, financing, construction guidance, store training, marketing & branding, service training, and on-going maintenance.

The Largest & Most Durable Coin Laundromat Equipment.

We partner with our investors to provide the best products and service for the best price. The main manufacturer we represent is Continental Girbau, which is the North American divison of international laundry manufacturer, Girbau. Girbau has been manufacturing commercial washers, dryers, ironers, and tunnel washers since the 1900s. They’re the market leader in soft-mount commercial washers which are able to reach extract speeds of 400G forces, without being bolted to the floor. The Continental Girbau soft-mount washers are the largest and most durable in the industry; reaching capacities of 90 and 130-pounds! All while being backed by industry-leading warranties.

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Why Partner With Us.

Laundry Solutions With Your Goals In Mind

Our goal is to help you develop the most efficient & profitable laundromat possible, all while guiding you to understand the “ins” and “outs” of the industry. By partnering with Advantage Equipment, you gain access to an equipment package and store offering that you cannot get anywhere else.

  • Ozone Laundry Systems for laundromats by Aquawing
  • Industry leading soft-mount commercial washers : 400G Force
  • Largest Soft-Mounts In The Industry: 90- & 130-pound
  • Automatic Laundry Chemical InjectionExpressClean
  • Reversing commercial dryers30-, 45-, & 75-pound
  • Adaptability to use almost any card system you want!
  • Express Laundry Center brand licensing option
  • In-depth marketing services with a hyper local focus (website, ads, print, etc.)

Lower Utility Costs & More Turns.

Most laundromats have a bottleneck when it comes to their dryers. Being able to provide a quick throughput is crucial to maximizing your store profitability. The Continental Girbau ExpressWash Washers deliver higher extract speeds than typical hard-mount coin operated laundry equipment. In doing so, the ExpressWash washers remove significantly more water from every load. This cuts dry time and natural gas usage by up to 65 percent, and allows you to move more customer through your laundromat than if you had a 100-200G Force store. Customers know that they will be able to get in and out faster than anywhere else.

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200G Force vs 354G Force.

Comparing the fastest hard-mount washer to our soft-mount.

We proudly offer some of the fastest extracting commercial washers on the market. Compared to the 200G Force alternative commonly found in retools, our 354G Force soft-mount saves our investors more in utility savings, and maximizes overall throughput. By partnering with Advantage Equipment, you gain access to an equipment package and store offering that you cannot get anywhere else.

Express Laundry Centers.

Differentiate your coin- & card-operated laundromat with an established brand.

The Express Laundry Centers brand store is proven vended laundry concept incorporating Continental Girbau’s ExpressWash high-speed soft-mount commercial washers. With these washers, store owners will see lower utility costs, modern marketing and training, and customer-craved 60-minute wash and dry! The Express Laundry Center brand is a turnkey and complete vended laundry package only available through Continental Girbau.

Coin Laundry Equipment For Your Laundromat.

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