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Providing Expertise & Guidance For Developing Successful Coin & Card Operated Laundromats.

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Self-Service Coin And Card Laundromats.

Going through the process of building and cultivating a card or coin operated laundromat can be an intimidating experience. That’s why investors turn to Advantage Equipment, Inc. for expert guidance. We are experienced developers of successful self-service coin and card laundries, equipped with energy-efficient equipment, and specialized services designed to attract a wide array of customers.

All Of Our Equipment Is Backed By Industry-Leading Warranties.

We offer Continental Girbau, Econ-O-Wash, and LG Commercial laundry equipment to Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. With peak productivity and efficiencies in mind, we provide soft and hard mount washers as well as open-pocket and dual-pocket stacked dryers. We’re geared towards providing the best coin laundry equipment in the industry.

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Ways to grow your vended laundry.

Store Development Services

We work with our customers through every step of the self-service laundry development process including the following:
  • Initial site selection
  • Developing demographic studies to showcase the prospective customer base
  • Equipment selection and installation
  • Miscellaneous item selection – laundry carts, vending machines, clothes hangers, folding tables, seating, etc.
  • Income and expense projections – know a rough estimate of your year before it even happens!
  • Different financing options to fund your investment
  • Overall design and layout of the laundry
  • Ongoing technical and service support

Ways to expand your profitability.

Through careful differentiation of your card or coin laundry, you are able to attract traditional self-service customers as well as nontraditional customers. Some of the avenues to pursue include drop-off laundry services, pick-up laundry services, and much more. The mixture of traditional and non-traditional methods further differentiates your laundry from surrounding establishments and increases profitability.

One of the best ways you can optimize your site and maximize your profitability is by choosing the correct equipment. The careful analysis and industry expertise possessed by Advantage Equipment, Inc. helps you understand exactly how to optimize your store for maximum revenue and profits.

Ways To Differentiate Your Coin Or Card Laundromat.

Express Laundry Centers

The Express Laundry Centers brand store is proven vended laundry concept incorporating Continental Girbau’s ExpressWashTM high-speed washer-extractors. With these washers, store owners will see lower utility costs, modern marketing and training, and customer-craved 60-minute wash and dry!

Coin Laundry Equipment For Your Laundromat.


Payment Systems

Vended Furnishings

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